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It’s the final day of Fashion Revolution Week. It’s been a huge success despite having to be virtual this year. I’m sure the events, social media posts, videos and all of the other little ways people have gotten involved this year have been inspiring to so many.

What is the Future of Fashion Revolution?

As it’s the end of the week it’s time to think about where we will go in the future. In Fashion Revolution’s 2020 White Paper they note there are three factors in achieving systematic change. Cultural change; which involves shifting the way the general population thinks about and consumes clothing. Industry change; which means changing the way the brands behave. Lastly, policy change; which means governments implementing policies for a better fashion industry.

Fashion Revolution are doing ongoing work in each of these areas. When thinking about myself and the things I do, I see myself mostly in the realm of cultural change. My blog is a way of talking to other people just like me who want to become more sustainable and ethical with fashion.

I want to continue to share more content surrounding sustainable fashion that will help others on this journey. But I also want to highlight some other online resources, influencers and bloggers that make great content surrounding sustainable fashion.

My Favourite Resources and Bloggers:

  1. Fashion Revolution Maybe an obvious one, but they have a vast amount of resources, you can spend hours on their site learning about how to create a better fashion industry. They have plenty of information about how you can become part of the fashion revolution.
  2. Izzy from The Quirky Environmentalist Izzy has created a lot of great content this week, and has a lot of great blog posts and videos on sustainable fashion. I particularly recommend this post, all about the different materials that are in our clothes and their environmental effect.
  3. Besma from Curiously Conscious Besma has a great blog which talks about various elements of conscious living. I love her series where she explores if certain fashion brands are ethical, check out this post where she explores if Monsoon is an ethical brand.
  4. Clean Clothes Campaign Back to another organisation, Clean Clothes Campaign works towards creating better conditions for garment workers. They often have campaigns running that you can get involved in and have up to date news on what’s currently happening in the garment industry.
  5. Ruth MacGlip Ruth has a super informative blog all about sustainable fashion. She also has a really great newsletter ‘The Ethical Fashion Roundup’ which I highly recommend signing up too if you want to know the latest that happening in the ethical fashion movement.

These are just a few organisations and bloggers that I check out on a regular basis. There are so many more out there who are also championing the sustainable fashion movement. If you know of any other great blogs or resources, or even if you have your own blog or resource please comment below!

My Next Steps:

In regards to what I’ll be doing in the sustainable fashion movement, I have a lot of exciting plans. In exactly one month’s time today I will have finished my degree, so over the next few months I am going to have much more time to devote to my blog.

I’m going to be creating a lot of content all about sustainable fashion, and I am even thinking about creating some resources to help people out on their sustainable fashion journey!

So keep an eye on my blog over the next few months as there will definitely be some new stuff around.

For now I want to say thanks to everyone who has gotten involved in Fashion Revolution Week! It’s amazing that so many people want to make a positive change in the industry, and I know that all the work we put in does create change.

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What are your future plans? Let me know in the comments!

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