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Today is day four of Fashion Revolution Week. Yesterday I talked about the importance of mending your clothes to make them last. Following on from that, today I’m going to talk about the importance of loving your clothes. Sounds pretty unexciting, but bear with me.

My Shopping Story

As a teenager, I really enjoyed going shopping. I loved buying new clothes. However at that age I didn’t have the money to go out and freely spend on new clothes whenever I felt like it. I relied upon mostly, my mother, taking me out for shopping trips and spending her money on new clothes for me. These big shopping trips would only happen a few times a year. I felt I really had to make the most of them.

We’d go to Southampton, the nearest city that had the widest variety of shops. Hollister, Primark, New Look and Topshop being my favourites. My strategy was to try and convince my mum to buy me as many new clothes as I possibly could. This meant that often not much thought was put into what was actually being bought. I was just trying to get as much as possible.

I’d get bored quite quickly of the new clothes I bought. I’d be really excited about them for a bit, but the buzz would soon wear off, and it would only be a year or so later that I’d be sending them off to the charity shop. I still have just a handful of clothes from that time in my life.

The Change:

As I reached my late teens, things started to change. Going vegan at 17 years old led me into the world of sustainability and ethics. Soon enough I learnt about the horrors of the fashion industry. It was slow progress, but my habits changed over time.

I stopped buying impulsively. I stopped buying ‘just because’. I started to think about the purchases I was making. I wanted to make sure that if I was going to buy something, it was going to be because I really liked it and I knew I was going to wear it a lot.

I started to think about how well it will go with other items in my wardrobe. I started to think about if I really liked it, or if I was being persuaded by a passing trend.

Mindset Shift:

I’ve been thinking about my purchases for a few years now, and my wardrobe has changed. Before it was being nearly fully replaced every year or so, now I have many pieces that are years old. It’s April now and I have not bought any clothes this year. This has not been an intentional move, in fact I only just realised it a second ago. It’s been a complete mindset shift, to the point where I don’t think about buying new things anymore unless I need too.

When you start thinking about clothes this way then your wardrobe starts to be something you enjoy coming to every morning. It starts to get filled up with pieces that truly represent you. Pieces that you love to wear.

And when you buy clothes that you love, they last much longer. You want to keep wearing them again and again as the years go buy. And this is great for the planet. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post it’s really important that our clothes last as they’re so resource intensive to make.

Lots of people are getting involved this week sharing their ‘clothing love stories’ as a way of encouraging others to keep their clothes and love them for years. Today on Instagram I will be sharing one of my own ‘clothing love stories’. I encourage you to do the same if there is a piece that comes to mind that you absolutely love!

Do you love the clothes in your wardrobe? Or do you struggle with impulse buying?

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  • Amy , Direct link to comment

    I love this post! I used to buy loads of clothes and only wear them a handful of times so I made a conscious effort to only buy things that I really like.

    • Olivia , Direct link to comment

      I think it’s a really big shift a lot of us have to make! It’s quite hard to go from obsessively shopping to not shopping at all.

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