Why do we Need a Fashion Revolution?

On the first day of fashion revolution week I’m answering the question:

Why do we need a fashion revolution?

It’s a big question. And there are thousands of reasons why. Today, on the first day of fashion revolution week I am going to explain why we need a fashion revolution.

I started realising there needed to be change in the fashion industry a few years back. Seeing the documentary ‘The True Cost’ really opened my eyes to the issues within the fashion industry.

I realised that the cheap prices we pay for fashion, the prices that seem too good to be true, are. Behind the £1 t-shirt there are garment workers who are often exploited, underpaid and over-worked.

Beyond that, the materials used to make these clothes are often costing the earth. Harmful plastics that will remain on the earth forever, dyes that pollute vital water resources.

I believe that the fashion industry is broken.

Clothes should be worth something. They shouldn’t be seen as a throwaway item. Our clothes should last us years. We should wear them over and over again.

Making clothes uses a multitude of resources. From extraction of raw materials from the earth, processing of these materials, construction of the garment itself and all the transportation that goes on between these stages.

It takes 2,720 litres of water to make one t-shirt.

This is how much an individual would on average drink over three years.

When we see clothes for sale in a shop, we often forget about how it came to be there. We don’t realise just how resource intensive it is.

But shops allow us to forget. They don’t tell you how many resources it took to make the garment, because they want you to come back and continue to buy more and more.

The relentless cycle of fast fashion needs to be broken. We can’t keep going at this speed. It’s bad for the earth and its bad for us.

We can’t keep using materials that will never decompose. Materials that release thousands of particles that harm sea life.

We can’t keep producing at such a rate that garment workers barely have time to sleep.

Prices so low that garment workers don’t make enough to feed their families.

Factories so dangerous that they collapse and cause over 1000 deaths.

The relentless cycle of fast fashion is causing too much hurt.

But we can change that.

There are already thousands of us out there who are saying no to fast fashion.

Those of us who are valuing our clothes. Who are wearing their clothes hundreds of times. Who are mending our clothes when they break. Who are up-cycling them when they no longer fit.

There are those of us who always choose to buy second hand first. Those of us who buy from brands with the highest ethical and sustainable credentials. Those of us who make our own clothes.

Those of us who are valuing slow fashion.

The fashion revolution has started, but there is still progress to be made.

Fast fashion still runs the garment industry. They’ve made it so that making clothes is no longer a creative skill, but a mode of mass production. So desperate to sell as much as possible the resources and people, vital to the process, are treated as meaningless.

This fashion revolution week, we need to keep working hard to change the current reality. Because this has gone on all too long.

Will you join us?

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