How to Shop for Sustainable Fashion as a Student

It can definitely be a challenge to move from fast fashion to sustainable fashion, but as a student that can be an even harder challenge. Most of us are limited for time, money and energy, but still want to look good and feel good in what we’re wearing. I want to share some of my tips on how you can shop sustainably while being a student.

1) Thrift and buy second hand

Pretty much the only way I buy my clothes is through thrifting. Money is a real issue as a student and so thrifting is a great way to go about getting new clothes as its so cheap. I know that a lot of my friends enjoy thrifting purely because it’s a fun and cheap way of getting new clothes; the sustainability element is just a plus. I find actually going into charity shops and exploring is my favourite way to get clothes; it’s also a good way to take your mind of the stresses of uni for a few hours. But if going in-store isn’t your thing, there are also second-hand shopping apps like depop. You can look for more specific items on there, a few months ago I bought a pair of converse on depop for £17, they normally cost around £50 and my pair were in near new condition.

2) Get creative with what you already have

If you’re anything like me, you already have a lot of clothes. What I’ve realised is that when I go home for a weekend after being at uni, my wardrobe at home still looks completely full; demonstrating that I really already have enough items of clothing. I don’t think this is uncommon; so if you too have a lot of clothes; just find fun ways to be creative with them, try styling them in new ways that you wouldn’t usually. I find that at uni there are a lot of people who aren’t afraid to dress in their own unique and funky way; it’s a great place to experiment with your style.

3) Go to vintage sales

Okay so I have never actually been to one of these but I know a lot of people who have. Uni’s just seem to attract these kind of events. I know every few months there is a vintage kilo sale where you pick up as much stuff as you want and pay by the weight. My student’s union also seems to regularly have vintage sales; so if you’re at uni I’d definitely look out for these kind of things as they seem to be pretty commonplace.

4) Simplify your style

I recently talked with someone who limits her wardrobe to only neutrals and pink and purple; this way her style is kept really cohesive, and she knows exactly what to look for when she’s out shopping. It also means that she limits the amount of clothes she buys unnecessarily; when she buys a new item she can be pretty much certain that its going to match with the other items in her wardrobe.

5) Don’t stress over fashion

Being a student is stressful enough. I know that all too well right now. You don’t need to be stressing over fashion too. There are definitely a few items that you can’t get second hand, and that are super expensive/inaccessible to buy sustainably, so don’t feel bad if you occasionally have to purchase fast fashion. If you’re already making an effort to implement sustainable fashion into your life, then you’re doing great.

Do you have any tips for shopping sustainably as a student? Let me know!

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