Self Care

I’ve got a rather disorganised list of blog post ideas both in the notes folder of my phone and in a word document on my computer. The list has mounted considerably over the past few months and I’ve come up with enough ideas for quite a lot of content, but when looking at it, none of it is inspiring me. I feel like I’ve reached some level of burnout.

So I wanted to write this post instead, one that isn’t on my list, one that I’ve come up with just now. I think it’s important that we take care of ourselves and give ourselves time to reset. Blogging is creative, and its not a good idea to force creativity. Not only does it feel horrible to try and force it, but it oftentimes results in much worse content than when you’re feeling inspired and motivated.

I was aiming to use this week to write a few blog posts to schedule over the Christmas period while I’m busy; but that would definitely be forced creativity. I’ve decided that I am better off properly taking a break for three weeks. The blogs not going to fall to pieces because I don’t post.

I would rather post good content, less often, then bad content, more often. Because I want this blog to inspire people to make positive changes in their lives. I want to make people think and learn about important topics. I really don’t want to be producing sub-par blog posts, I want to give this my best effort.

But I think it’s important for everyone, not just me, to realise that you can’t always give your best effort. And that’s okay. As humans, we can’t run at 100% capacity all the time. Resting is integral to our being. We need to spend time relaxing, doing fun things. Doing things that don’t have an ‘end goal’. Sometimes the best thing for us can be to spend an evening playing sims, there’s no point to it, but that is the point.

We’re trapped in this world where there is this notion that we need to be working on things that are going to improve ourselves all the time. The idea that we shouldn’t be doing something unless it’s going to count towards our career, or our self-development. But this simply isn’t healthy.

Sometimes we need unstructured time, to do whatever we want, without feeling like it needs to be for something. I know ‘self care’ has become a bit of a cliché, but we really do need to take care of ourselves. Not in the sense of doing a face mask, or painting our nails (but do go ahead if that’s what you enjoy!) but in the sense of just spending a bit of time doing what makes you happy, whatever you feel like in that moment.

I quite often get a bit annoyed at myself for not being motivated with blogging. But I have to remember that I am a full-time university student in my final year. My degree is very much based on reading articles and chapters and writing essays. Sometimes at the end of the day I need a break, and blogging, as much as its fun, involves the same sort of activities as my degree, so can I blame myself for being unmotivated when I’ve just spent all day working?

I’m still excited about my blog, but I think it’s definitely time for a little break over Christmas. It’s time for a little bit of self care. So this will be my last post of 2019, I hope everyone has a great Christmas, and I can’t wait to come back fresh for 2020!

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