My Ethical Living Goals

It’s important to set goals if you want to move forward in life. My blog is all about ethical living and so I think its extra important for me to set goals in this area. I want to be better not only to help people, animals and the environment but also to act as an inspiration to others to show that it is possible to live in a more ethical way. So let’s get into it.

1 – Completely eliminate fast fashion from my life

So ethical fashion is probably one of my favourite topics to talk about on my blog. But I’m not perfect at it, and I’ve found it so much harder to give up fast fashion than I found it to give up animal products. I do make the occasional slip up sometimes. I’ve been looking for a new winter coat and have been trawling through charity shops and searching around on depop – but I was struggling to find one that I liked. Long story short; I ended up giving into temptation and buying from a fast fashion brand – not my best moment. I’m proud of myself for cutting down fast fashion as much as I have; but I do have a tendency to give in sometimes, and I want to eliminate that.

2 – Go low(er) waste

I’ve definitely put in some work to be lower waste – I’ve recently started buying quinoa, rice and chia seeds from my local zero waste shop where I fill up my own containers. But there are definitely some areas I’m lacking. One of the places where I’m probably most wasteful is feminine hygiene. I still use conventional sanitary towels; and I know these are hugely wasteful. I want to switch over to reusable pads as I know this would reduce my waste significantly. Another area that I am targeting is disposable coffee cups. I’m hoping to get around to buying a reusable coffee cup; but for right now I need to remember to tell the barista I’m drinking in so I get served my drink in a mug rather than the default disposable coffee cup.

3 – Eat less takeout

Okay so I’m cheating a little bit here as I feel like I’ve kind of already achieved this one, but it stemmed out of a massive problem I had in my second year of university. To be specific, I would order Yo Sushi on Deliveroo an unreasonable amount of times. It all comes in plastic and generally the idea of someone personally delivering food to you is not the greatest for the environment. Especially when you have plenty of food already at home. I’m about a month and a half into my final year of university now; and I’ve been doing much better with this. In that time, I have ordered one pizza; which I don’t feel too guilty about. Even though I have to say a significant motivating factor in this has been the fact that I have a lot less money this year, so I can’t really even afford takeout (its super expensive!).

4 – Continue spreading awareness

I really feel that this blog has huge potential in spreading the message of ethical living, and I really want to maximise this. I recently moved over to this new site, and I’ve set up an Instagram and Pinterest in order to try and extend my platform. I am a full-time student in my final year of university, and so I do have to prioritise that, plus the fact that I have been abroad seven months of this year – so the blog has been a little neglected. But I want to change that; I’m committed to releasing a new post every week and staying active on all my socials, as well as interacting with likeminded people.

So, these are my ethical living goals I’m going to be working on over the course of the next few months. Do you have any goals you are currently working on regarding being more ethical and sustainable? I’d love to know!

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