Top 3 Vegan Eats in Sydney

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Sydney a few times while I’ve been studying abroad here in Australia. I’ve also had the pleasure of eating a lot of delicious food in the city. I thought I would choose the top three places I have been to whilst in Sydney, so if any of my fellow vegans (or vegan food fans) are visiting, you can get yourselves some delicious food!

The Hold, Manly

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The Hold is located in the beautiful beachside location of Manly. Every burger on their menu can be veganised. Here I had one of the best burgers I have ever tasted. I had ‘The Flagship’ which is The Hold’s take on the traditional cheeseburger. The plant-based meat they used was fantastic and the burger was just the right size that I didn’t feel ridiculously sick after eating it. They also serve a few different flavours of vegan milkshake too. You need to eat here if you visit Manly (which I definitely recommend you do!)

Soul Burger, Newtown

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Okay I’m sorry to recommend two burger places. But I couldn’t help myself! Soul Burger is located in the funky area of Newtown. It’s 100% vegan and they have a ton of different burger options. Debating between the Satay Tofu and the Cheese Please, I went for the Cheese Please. It was super tasty. My boyfriend went for the Beyond Burger, and said it was the best, and most realistic vegan burger he had ever tasted. You know a place is good when non-vegans would recommend it.

Bodhi, Central Sydney

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So going in the complete opposite direction from burgers, Bodhi specialises in Asian cuisine. Bodhi is 100% vegan and is my favourite place on this list. I love going to Bodhi because it is such a unique experience and like no other place I’ve been to before. First of all, its in a beautiful park location. Secondly, if you go for the Yum-Cha lunch, as soon as you get seated the staff will come round with various foods every 5 minutes or so and you choose what you want. It’s really great as you can actually take a look at the food before you choose it. Not only is the experience fun, but the food is absolutely delicious. The dumplings and the spring rolls are to die for. Not to mention the exquisite desserts. Bodhi is an absolute must in Sydney.

Sydney’s a great place to visit, if you ever find yourself there, definitely try out these three places. You don’t need to worry if you’re travelling with non-vegans as these places are so good that anyone would enjoy them!

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